Seats : 50

Information for BDS program

  • Student centered (rather than teacher centered)
  • Problem based (rather than subject based)
  • Integrated (rather than discipline based)
  • Community oriented (rather than hospital centered)
  • Electives embodied (rather than standard program oriented)
  • Systematic (rather than apprentice based)

Five and half years

• Pre-clinical and para- clinical: Two years

• Clinical: Two and half years

• Internship: One year of compulsory Rotating Residential

• Schedule of internship followed by the a medical institution: Internship scheme according to Nepal Medical Guidelines & routine attached

• Monitoring and evaluation of mechanism of performance of Intern: Departmental assessment of all interns where they will be posted

• Alternative internship plan for students infected with chronic infections: Up till now, such type of condition not aroused

Completed 10+2 years of education or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as main subjects and having secured not less than 50% marks in the subjects mentioned above put together and an overall aggregate of 50%.


Completed Bachelor of Science Degree, recognized by the University, with one of the following subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and at least one other prescribed science subject of study up to the ancillary level and having scored not less than an overall aggregate of 50% marks, provided that such candidate shall have passed the earlier qualifying examination (10+2 or an equivalent examination) with the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Completed requisite course equivalent to I. Sc. (Biological Group) with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and
English, as main subjects after Certificate Level in Health Sciences from Dhulikhel Medical Institute,
Kathmandu University and having secured not less than 50% marks in the subjects mentioned above put together and an overall aggregate of 50%.

Entrance Test for BDS will be conducted as per the curriculum for MBBS/BDS Entrance Examination published by the Ministry of Education. Copy of the curriculum along with the model questions is printed, published and marketed by Janak Education Materials Centre Ltd., Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

Applicant who has successfully passed Entrance Test and meet the above mentioned eligibility criteria can take admission in any medical institution under Kathmandu University.

Admission will be according to KU Norms. Interview will be taken by the concerned institution.

a. KUSMS Dhulikhel:

  • At Admission: NRs. 8,00,000/-
  • Beginning of 2nd Year: NRs. 4,00,000/-
  • Beginning of 3rd Year: NRs. 4,00,000/-
  • Beginning of 4rd Year: NRs. 3,30,000/-
  • Total Tuition Fee: NRs. 19,30,000/-

Hostel Fee : Rs. 3000/- per month (Only residential)

b. Affiliated Colleges:

Candidates should contact the concerned colleges for Tuition and other fees.