Dean's message

Prof. Dr. Manoj Humagain
MDS, Dean

With the main mission of “Quality Education for Leadership”, Kathmandu University was established in 1990, which is not for profit and self-sustainable first public university of the country. Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS) is one of the leading and pioneer institutes in the field of medical and allied health sciences in the country since 1994. Within almost 30 years of its establishment it has spread its academic programs to almost all the provinces of the country though it’s constituent and affiliated colleges.
At Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS), we thrive for the academic excellence and we act to make it achievable. The creativity, hard work of each and every individuals working in this school and visionary leaders makes this university unique in itself. Currently, more than 1500 students are enrolled in different undergraduate and post graduate programs in MBBS, dental, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Laboratory medicine and Medical imaging technology. We offer the best teaching learning tools and methodology to cater the best and contemporary knowledge in the respective field. Many international students get enrolled and graduated from our school. Graduates from KUSMS are leading many academic centers and the institutes both inside and outside the country.
Quality medical education, research and ethical clinical practice is the main philosophy of the school. We are proud to claim that more than 50 percent of medical graduates in the country are the product of KUSMS and many are highly acclaimed clinician and practitioners in many national and international reputed institutions. This achievement would not have been possible without the outstanding creativity, compassion and leadership of all the stakeholders of the institute.
Medical education and healthcare technology is constantly on the verge of transformation. To overcome this, we follow student centered; problem based learning; integrated teaching; community based; electives and systematic (SPICES) model of curriculum. We are concerned about the learning outcomes and the mandatory core competencies of our graduates.
As a leader of this school, I assure and ensure our commitment towards the quality education, service and leadership to both the enrolled and aspiring students, parents and all the other stakeholders. I am honored and humbled to advance the mission and vision of Kathmandu University and Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences.