1. Dr. Dil Islam Mansur, MS Associate Professor
  2. Ms. Kalpana Sharma, M.Sc. (Medical) Assistant Professor
  3. Mr. Dilip Kumar Mehta, M.Sc. (Medical) Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. Pragya Shrestha, MS Assistant Professor
  5. Ms. Rojina Shakya, M.Sc. (Medical) Lecturer
  6. Ms. Anupama Shrestha, M.Sc. (Medical) Lecturer
  7. Dr. Sheprala Shrestha, MS Lecturer
  8. Dr. Rubina Shakya, M. Sc., PhD Lecturer
  9. Dr. Sunima Maskey, MS Lecturer
  1. Dr. Prabodh Risal, PhD Associate Professor
  2. Mr. Rajendra Dev Bhatta, M.Sc (Medical) Assistant Professor, Incharge
  3. Dr. Pratikshya Gyawali, MD Lecturer
  4. Dr. Saroj Thapa, MD Lecturer
  5. Dr. Rachana Pandey, MD Lecturer
  1. Dr. Jagdish Chataut, MD Associate Professor
  2. Mr. Kishore Khanal, M.Sc. Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Dipesh Tamrakar, MD Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. Mukta Singh Bhandari, MD Assistant Professor
  5. Dr. Abha Shrestha, MD   Lecturer
  1. Dr. Jatan Sherchan, MD Associate Professor
  2. Dr. Nirajan Bhusal, MBBS, PhD Assistant Professor
  3. Mr. Surendra Kr Madhup, M.Sc./MLT Lecturer, Incharge
  4. Ms. Prashamsa Karkee, M.Sc. Assistant Professor
  5. Dr. Srijana Ranjit, MD Lecturer
  1. Dr. Ramesh Makaju, MD Associate Professor
  2. Dr. Rachana Dhakal, MD Assistant Professor, Incharge 
  3. Dr. Dipika Basnet, MD Lecturer
  4. Dr. Binod Dhakal, MD Lecturer
  5. Dr. Binita Lama, MD Lecturer
  6. Dr. Nikita Gautam, MD Lecturer
  1. Dr. Sony Shakya, PhD Associate Professor
  2. Dr. Rajeev Shrestha, PhD Associate Professor
  3. Dr. Jyoti Tara Manandhar, MD Associate Professor
  4. MS. Upama Shrestha, M.Sc.(Medical) Lecturer
  5. Dr. Ruchi Shrestha, MD Lecturer
  1. Dr. Ojashwi NepalMD Associate Professor
  2. Dr. Reena K Jha, MD Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Ubina Gautam, MD Assistant Professor
  4. Mr. Mukesh Kumar Jha, M.Sc. Lecturer
  5. Ms. Manisha Bade, M.Sc. (Medical) Lecturer


  1. Prof. Dr. Rajendra Koju, MD (Cardiology) Professor
  2. Dr. Ram Bahadur Gurung, MD (Internal Medicine) Associate Professor
  3. Dr. Sanjay Humagain, MD (Cardiology) Associate Professor
  4. Dr. Rajendra Tamrakar, MD Assistant Professor
  5. Dr. Asish Shrestha, MD Lecturer
  6. Dr. Pasanda Sharma, MD Lecturer
  7. Dr. Brijesh Pandey, MD Lecturer
  8. Dr. Nirish Vaidya, MD Lecturer
  9. Dr. Pankaj Poudel, MD Lecturer 
  10. Dr. Nikesh Mani Shrestha, MD Lecturer
  11. Dr. Rajan Thapa, MD Lecturer
  12. Dr. Sutap Yadav, MD Lecturer
  13. Dr. Nischal Shah, MD Lecturer
  14. Dr. Pragya Karki, MD Lecturer
  1. Prof. Dr. Ram K M Shrestha, MD, Facharzt f. Chirurgie, Professor
  2. Prof. Dr. Balaram Malla, MS  Associate Professor
  3. Dr. Hem Nath Joshi, MS, Fellow (Urology) Associate Professor
  4. Dr. Robin Man Karmacharya, MS (CTVS) Assistant Professor
  5. Dr. Yagya Ratna Shakya, MS Lecturer
  6. Dr. Nripesh Rajbhandari, MS Lecturer
  7. Dr. Sujan Makaju Shrestha, MS Lecturer
  8. Dr. Rajan Koju, MS Lecutrer
  9. Dr. Bikesh Shrestha, MS Lecturer
  10. Dr. Amit K Singh, MS Lecturer
  11. Dr. Narendra Shalike, MS Lecturer
  12. Dr. Shashank Shrestha, MS Lecturer
  13. Dr. Satish vaidya, MS Lecturer
  14. Dr. Suyog Simkhada, MS Lecturer
  15. Dr. Bibhusan Shrestha, MS Lecturer (on study)
  1. Prof. Dr. Suman Tamrakar, MD Professor
  2. Prof. Dr. Abha Shrestha, MD Professor
  3. Dr. Anjana Singh Dangol, MD Associate Professor
  4. Dr. Sunila Shakya, MD Assistant Professor
  5. Dr. Rashmi Bastakoti, MD Lecturer
  6. Dr. Noora Pradhan, MD Lecturer
  7. Dr. Bhagirathi Kayastha, MD Lecturer
  8. Dr. Priyanka Tripathi, MD Lecturer
  9. Dr. Neeta Timilsina, MD Lecturer
  1. Prof. Dr. Prakash Sundar Shrestha, MD Professor
  2. Prof. Dr. Srijana Dangol , MD  Professor
  3. Dr. Prithuja Paudyal, MD Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. Asim Shrestha, MD Assistant Professor
  5. Dr. Narayan C Shrestha, MD Lecturer
  6. Dr. Anish Joshi, MD Lecturer 
  7. Dr. Sameera Thapa, MD Lecturer
  8. Dr. Subin Manandhar, MD Lecturer
  9. Dr. Santosh Gautam, MD Lecturer
  1. Prof. Dr. Bikash Lal Shrestha, MS Professor
  2. Dr. Monika Pokharel, MS Associate Professor
  3. Dr. Ashish Dhakal, MS Assitant Professor
  4. Dr. Abha Kiran KC, MS Lecturer
  5. Dr. Krishna Sundar Shrestha, MS Lecturer
  6. Dr. Pradip Rajbhandhari, MS Lecturer
  1. Prof. Dr. Jeevan Shrestha, Professor
  2. Dr. Pooja Shrestha, MD Assitant Professor
  3. Dr. Angira Shrestha, MD Registrar
  4. Dr. Tina Shrestha, MD Lecturer
  5. Dr. Richa Makaju, MD Lecturer
  1. Dr. Subindra Karki, MD Associate Professor
  2. Dr. Ram Chandra Paudel, MD Lecturer
  3. Dr. Anil Kumar Palikhe, MD Lecturer
  4. Dr. Anupam Bhandari, MD Lecturer
  5. Ms. Indu Ghimire, MSc MIT Lecturer
  6. Dr. Anish Bahadur Singh, MD Registrar
  7. Dr. Nisha Gupta, MD Registrar
  8. Mr. Roshan Chaudhary , MSc MIT 
  1. Prof. Dr. Dipak Shrestha, MS Professor
  2. Dr. Rohit Shrestha, MS Associate Professor
  3. Dr. Darshan Dhoju, MS Assistant Professor, Incharge
  4. Dr. Bikash Parajuli, MS Lecturer ( fellowship ongoing)
  5. Dr. Rajiv Sharma, MS Lecturer
  6. Dr. Jagdish Thapa , MS Lecturer
  7. Dr. Sabik Raj Kayastha, MS Lecturer
  1. Prof. Dr. Jeevan Singh, MD Professor
  2. Dr. Sangina Ranjitkar, MD Associate Professor
  3. Dr. Om Sundar Shrestha, MD Lecturer
  4. Dr. Manakamana Dwa, MD Lecturer
  5. Dr. Ashish Shrestha, MD Lecturer
  6. Dr. Alex Tandukar, MD Lecturer
  7. Dr. Kalpana Kharbuja, MD Lecturer
  8. Dr. Sameer Shakya, MD Lecturer
  9. Dr. Bibek Shrestha, MD Lecturer
  10. Dr. Manisha Shrestha, MD, Lecturer
  1. Dr. Raj Kumar Karki, MD Associate Professor
  2. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh, MD Assitant Professor
  3. Dr. Abdhul Sami Khan, MD Lecturer
  1. Prof. Dr. Dharmendra K Karn, MD Professor
  2. Dr. Smriti Shrestha, MD Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Aditi Mishra, MD Lecturer
  4. Dr. Shekhar KC, MD Lecturer
  1.  Dr. Roshna Shrestha, MDGP Associate Professor
  2.  Dr. Sanu Shrestha, MDGP Associate Professor
  3.  Dr. Anmol Purna Shrestha, MDGP Lecturer
  4.  Dr. Alok Pradhan, MDGP Lecturer
  5.  Dr. Samjhana Basnet, MDGP Lecturer
  1. Dr. Ajay Risal, MD Associate Professor
  2. Dr. Dipak Kunwar, MD Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Eliza Karki, MD Lecturer


  1. Prof. Dr. Chandan Upadhyaya, MDS, Professor 
  2. Dr. Nitesh Kr. Chaurasiya, MDS, Lecturer
  3. Dr. Sanad Dulal, MDS, Lecturer
  4. Dr. Mamata Shakya, Phd. in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Lecturer
  1. Dr. Binam Sapkota, MDS, Associate Professor
  2. Dr. Smriti K.C., MDS, Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Ujjwal Rimal, MDS, Lecturer
  1. Prof. Dr. Manoj Humagain, MDS, Professor
  2. Dr. Mahima Subba, MDS, Lecturer
  3. Dr. Manisha Neupane, MDS, Lecturer
  1. Dr. Nisha Acharya, MDS, Assistant Professor 
  2. Dr. Anil Chakradhar, MDS, Lecturer
  1. Dr. Dashrath Kafle, MDS, Associate Professor
  2. Dr. Ravi Kumar Mahato, MDS, Assistant Professor 
  3. Dr. Rajeev Kumar Mishra, MDS, Assistant Professor 
  4. Dr. Suja Shrestha, MDS, Lecturer
  1. Dr. Sumita Upadhyay, MDS, Associate Professor
  2. Dr. Bibardha Khanal, MDS, Lecturer
  1. Dr. Deepa Niraula, MDS, Lecturer
  2. Dr. Harleen Bali, MDS, Lecturer
  3. Durga Poudel  (on study)
  1. Dr. Ritesh Srii, MDS, Assistant Professor
  2. Dr. Pratibha Poudel, MDS, Lecturer
  3. Dr. Bhojraj Adhikari, Phd. in Oral Pathology
  1. Dr. Dilip Prajapati, Phd. in Public Health Dentistry, Lecturer
  2. Dr. Swagat Kuamr Mahante, MDS, Lecturer

nursing and midwifery | Physiotherapy | public health

  1. Dr. Kunta Devi Pun, PhD. M.Sc. ( Midwifery) Professor, Director, Nursing & Midwifery Programe
  2. Ms. Geeta K Shrestha, MN. (Womens Health and Development) Associate Professor
  3. Ms. Daya Laxmi Vaidya, M.Sc (Oncology)Associate Professor
  4. Ms. Sita Karki, M.N. (Paediatric Nursing)Associate Professor
  5. Ms. Radha Acharya, MN (Adult Nursing) Associate Professor
  6. Ms. Neema Bhandari, MN (Paediatric) Associate Professor 
  7. Ms. Laxmi M Parjapati, MN.(Women Health) Associate Professor
  8. Ms. Jamuna Bajracharya, M.Sc. (Psychiatric) Assistant Professor
  9. Ms. Siddhi L Bajracharya, M.Sc.(Community Health Nursing) Assistant Professor
  10. Ms. Subashana Makaju, MN. (Women Health Development) Assistant Professor
  11. Ms. Binu Thapa BN, M.Sc. (OBGY/ Gynae) Assistant Professor
  12. Ms. Sulekha Shrestha, MN (Adult Nursing) Assistant Professor
  13. Ms. Sushila Shrestha, M.Sc. (Community Health Nursing) Assistant Professor
  14. Ms. Ratnesworee Prajapati, MN  (Paediatric) Assistant Professor
  15. Ms. Bhawana Shrestha, M.Sc. (Paediatric)  Lecturer
  16. Ms. Bhawana Regmi, M. Sc. (Medical Surgical Nursing)  Lecturer
  17. Ms. Subina Manandhar, M. Sc. (Oncology)  Lecturer
  18. Ms. Pratibha Chalishe, M.Sc. (Public Health) Lecturer
  19. Ms. Satchina Moktan, M.Sc.(Adult Nursing) Lecturer
  20. Ms. Prajina Shrestha, M.Sc. (Surgical Nursing)Lecturer
  21. Ms. Sarita Bhandari, M.Sc. (Community Health Nursing) Lecturer
  22. Ms. Prabha Shrestha, M.Sc.(Adult Nursing) Lecturer
  23. Ms. Champa Bhuju , M.Sc.(Community Health)  Lecturer
  24. Ms. Jyotshnana Twi Twi , M.Sc. (Midwifery) Lecturer 
  25. Ms. Nirmala Silwal, MN (Child Health) Lecturer
  26. Ms. Indira Shrestha , MN (Women Health and Development) Lecturer
  27. Ms. Alina Tamrakar, M.Sc. (Midwifery) Lecturer 
  28. Ms. Durga Tiwari, MN (Mental Health) Lecturer
  29. Ms. Sarina Shakya, M.Sc. (Psychiatric Nursing) Lecturer
  30. Ms. Rashmi Maharjan, M.Sc.(Adult Nursing) Lecturer 
  1. Ms. Ranjeeta S Acharya, MPT Associate Professor
  2. Ms. Bimika Khadgi, MPT Associate Professor
  3. Ms. Inosha Bimali, MPT Associate Professor
  4. Mr. Saurab Sharma, MPT Assistant Professor (On Study)
  5. Mr. Nishchal Ratna Shakya, MPT Lecturer
  6. Mr. Govinda Nepal, MPT Assistant Professor
  7. Mr. Regan Shakya, MPT Assistant Professor
  8. Ms. Smita KC, MPT Lecturer
  9. Dr. Shambhu P Adhikari, PhD, PT Assistant Professor
  10. Mr. Binaya Kandel, MPT Lecturer
  11. Mr. Umesh Adhikari, MPT Lecturer
  12. Ms. Nistha Shrestha, MPT Lecturer
  13. Ms. Alka Ale MPT Registrar
  1. Dr. Biraj Man Karmacharya, MBBS PhD,  Associate Professor
  2. Dr. Archana Shrestha, MPH, PhD  Associate Professor
  3. Dr. Akina Shrestha, MPH ,PhD Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. Roshan Mahato, MPH, PhD Assistant Professor
  5. Ms. Pramita Shrestha, MPH, Lecturer
  6. Ms. Shrinkhala Shrestha, MPH  Lecturer (On Study PhD)